Unpredictability in cybersecurity

From emails to communication on our mobiles, from secure access online to digital cash, cryptography plays an essential role in all parts of our connected lives. To assure no data ends up in the wrong hands, you need three ingredients to secure your information. First, you need an algorithm that converts your message …

Quside ICFO Joint Lab

Launch of the Joint Lab in Quantum Processing

Barcelona, Spain. ICFO and Quside Technologies team up to create a space dedicated to developing quantum processing technologies. The goal is to use advanced quantum physics concepts and models to solve new challenging problems.

Quside NEOTEC product video

Quside was awarded the NEOTEC grant from CDTI

Barcelona, Spain. Quside has been awarded the NEOTEC grant from CDTI. The NEOTEC project awards high-tech initiatives in a highly competitive call. The aim of the project is to develop fast and integrated quantum random number generators…

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