One of the greatest commodities of our times is the ability to exchange information online, securely. However, the security of our current encryption methods is vulnerable, and we know that their security will render obsolete with the advent of new technologies, such as quantum computers. 

At Quside, we design and manufacture innovative quantum components for all connected devices. Using our proprietary quantum random number generator, we provide the security and performance that is required to build the next generation of encryption technologies—a new class of products and infrastructure with unprecedented future-proven security guarantees. Our mission is to make sure that secure communications keep being a commodity in the years to come. 

Job overview - At Quside, we are searching for a highly motivated Head of IT&N to work closely with our leadership and technical teams. The Head of IT will have an immediate impact on our technology operations and systems. The ideal candidate will have proven experience in a similar role, with a special focus on devising and establishing IT policies and systems to support the implementation of wider company strategies and ensuring the day-to-day operations run efficiently. 


At Quside, you will have the opportunity to work in a high-tech environment and contribute significantly to the growth of the company’s systems and network environment. We are looking for a Head of IT&N to lead our strategic and operational efforts.  You will be expected to support our technical teams’ development to production stage and to lead the strategy and long-term plans for the IT&N systems department. 

Ultimately, we expect you to empower all Qusiders by providing them with flexible tools while keeping our operation secure. Main responsibilities include: 

  • Oversee all technology operations (e.g., network security) and evaluate them according to established goals. 
  • Devise and establish IT policies and systems to support the implementation of wider company strategies. 
  • Keeping up-to-date with the most recent technologies and advising on new technological solutions and their implementation to improve business operations. 
  • Management of the deployment, development, monitoring, maintenance, upgrading and support of organisational IT systems. The latter includes operating systems, servers, PCs, software apps, telephones, and peripherals. 
  • Troubleshoot, debug, and upgrade existing systems 
  • Lead the evolution of our help-desk service to assist Quside employees with IT issues 
  • Automate key processes, like employee onboarding and offboarding, asset management, access admin, among others. 
  • Design and implement an account and permissions management strategy for employees. 
  • Analyse the business requirements of all departments to determine their technology needs. 
  • Help design and build data models and dashboards for different business areas (Microsoft Power platform) 
  • Provide feedback and data-driven analyses to the technical and operations teams. 
  • Inspect the use of technological equipment and software to ensure functionality and efficiency. 
  • Identify the need for upgrades, configurations or new systems and report to upper management. 
  • Assess opportunities for application and process improvement and prepare documentation of rationale to share with team members and other affected stakeholders. 
  • Working with staff to develop plans and strategies so client services can be enhanced, user effectiveness improved, and innovation encouraged. 
  • Purchase efficient and cost-effective technological equipment and software. 
  • Control budget and report on expenditure. 
  • Assist in building relationships with vendors, creating cost-efficient contracts, and being responsible for contracting consultants and making service agreements. 
  • Liaising regularly with executive and senior management as well as systems users. 
  • Developing standard operating procedures allied to best practice, and ensuring written protocols and guidelines are provided for its staff and all end-users. 

Proficiency in at least one programming language and scripting, experience with automation and integrations (this is a hands-on role!), and experience with cloud providers such as AWS or GCP are highly valuable. 


  • BSc/BA in computer science, engineering, or relevant field; MSc/MA will be a plus. 
  • Strong performer with 3+ years of experience in analysis, implementation and evaluation of IT systems and their specifications. 
  • Sound understanding of computer systems (hardware/software), networks, etc. 
  • Experience deploying endpoint protection software and security policies 
  • Experience with an early-stage company with experience building something from scratch. You will also need a drive to win, a sense of urgency, and the ability to be a risk-taker. 
  • Highly adaptable and able to thrive in rapidly changing environments. 
  • Results-focused, with an ability to manage multiple activities at the same time. 
  • Proven competencies that include systemic thinking; excellent analytical and data-driven decision-making skills; and the ability to be resourceful and timely in completing work assignments. 
  • Strong commitment to high quality standards 

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