April 9, 2021

Telefónica Tech collaborates with Quside and Qrypt to validate new quantum technology

  • Telefónica's digital business holding company is offering its customers next-generation solutions in its VDC cloud service following successful completion of testing.
  • Quantum random number generation and Entropy-as-a-Service (EaaS) architectures have facilitated this advanced offering and the validation of an extensive number of use cases, including enhanced key generation for cryptographic modules (HSM), data security in SDN networks, Monte Carlo simulations, and randomization for gaming applications.
  • Telefónica Tech's VDC customers will benefit from the quantum random number service and the technology will be accessible as a new resource in the cloud.

Madrid, 9 April 2021- Telefónica Tech has collaborated with Barcelona-based Quside, an industry-leading manufacturer of high-performance quantum random number generators, and New York-based Qrypt, a producer of cryptographic quantum security solutions enabled by its Quantum Entropy-as-a-Service (EaaS) solution, to successfully complete the integration of a new quantum technology into its cloud service hosted in its Virtual Data Centers (VDC).

The availability of large quantities of high-quality random numbers has become an essential requirement in many fields. Its application ranges from high-quality encryption keys, which encrypt the exponential growth of data transfers, to the creation of highly accurate simulations for science, engineering, finance, and insurance.

In addition, “go-to-cloud” and “cloud-first” strategies are now a necessity in the ICT industry. It is forecast that a high percentage of total spending on enterprise applications will be spent on cloud services by 2023, and we believe a significant portion of this will be spent on tasks that require random numbers, especially in the financial sectoral sector.

This collaboration allows Telefónica Tech to enhance its cloud services by providing its customers with easy-to-use, high quality and high-performance quantum random numbers so they can integrate them into their business processes.

Telefonica Quside Qrypt Architecture

Telefónica Tech has validated the use of quantum random number generators in a new Entropy-as-a-Service (EaaS) architecture, integrated into its VDC cloud offering. Several use cases have been demonstrated using this EaaS integration, including seeding for cryptographic devices (HSM), Monte Carlo simulations for scientific, engineering, and financial applications, gaming, as well as for a new proof-of-transit protocol that improves the security of data transiting software-defined networks (SDN).

"Offering this key quantum-generated resource is a significant advantage for both our internal and external customers. It is especially important for our enterprise customers with demands for high quality and high-performance random numbers, who will benefit from this unique feature"

Hugo de los Santos, Director of Products and Services at Telefónica Cyber & Cloud Tech

The random numbers are provided by Spanish startup Quside, while Entropy-as-a-Service distribution as a service is offered by New York-based US startup Qrypt. Telefónica Tech has joined forces with Quside and Qrypt to integrate the technology into its VDC (Virtual Data Center) cloud service.

"Randomness is an essential resource for a wide range of ICT systems, including cybersecurity. We are thrilled to be part of Telefónica Tech's efforts to deploy stronger security features to their global customers using emerging quantum technologies."

Carlos Abellán, CEO of Quside

Random numbers produced by Quside hardware are now available on three continents thanks to Qrypt through their scalable randomness distribution solutions.

"The secure distribution of true quantum randomness is now a practical technical capability for a broad range of critical applications. We’re excited to be working with Telefónica Tech to scale this new quantum technology globally. "

Denis Mandich, CTO of Qrypt

After deploying this new technology in Telefónica Tech's test infrastructures, it will go into production in the next few months.

About Telefónica Tech
Telefónica Tech is a holding company owned by the Telefónica Group. The company offers a wide range of integrated technological services and solutions in Cybersecurity, Cloud, IoT, Big Data and Blockchain. Telefónica Tech's capabilities reach, every day, more than 300,000 customers in 175 countries.

About Quside
Quside builds quantum technologies for safer connectivity and more powerful computation. A spin-off of ICFO – The Institute of Photonic Sciences - in Barcelona, Quside is commercializing innovative hardware solutions for all connected devices. More information at www.quside.com.

About Qrypt
Based in New York City, NY, with an office in Germantown, MD, Qrypt’s quantum hardware and post-quantum software solution offers organizations all-in-one protection from threats today and those on the horizon. More information at www.qrypt.com.

January 28, 2021

NIST, CUBoulder, NTT realize device-independent randomness expansion

We from Quside would like to congratulate the team led by National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), University of Colorado Boulder, and NTT on their publication "Device-independent randomness expansion with entangled photons,” a major milestone in the randomness field. The reported experiment uses two well-characterized phase-diffusion quantum random number generators built by ICFO engineers who went on to found Quside.

We strive to make such high-quality and high-performance QRNGs available to everyone.

Read the whole paper in Nature Physics

September 14, 2020

Quside launches their first quantum randomness module

Quside, a Barcelona-based quantum technology start-up, today announced the commercial release of their first quantum randomness module: The Quside™ FMC 400 is commercialized for high-performance computing and data security applications.

Since 2017, after spinning off from ICFO – The Institute of Photonic Sciences – Quside has been working toward the commercialization of high-performance quantum random number generators. After success with leading enterprises in the telecom, critical infrastructure, and banking sector, Quside is now releasing the FMC 400 Randomness Module.

The Quside™ FMC 400 has been designed specifically for high-performance FPGA-based systems. The technology is based on Quside's proprietary phase-diffusion quantum random number generation technology. It provides 400 Mb/s of raw random numbers with state-of-the-art min-entropy bounds (above 90%). A standard FMC interface allows easy and versatile integration.

Over the last decade, this proprietary phase-diffusion randomness generation technology has been recognized to meet the requirements of the most demanding applications. The combination of high speed and unmatched signal quality have proven essential to customers and mark the FMC 400 as the most crypto-agile randomness module on the market.

Quside is also making available the Quside™ Randomness Metrology toolkit to customers. It provides on-device capabilities to derive min-entropy bounds, giving product developers access to a novel tool to validate the proper functioning of the quantum process on-the-fly.

The FMC 400 Randomness Module has already been tested by Quside's partners over the last 18 months in the fields of enterprise security, telecom, banking, and supercomputing with remarkable performance.

"Quside is the only producer of high-rate, quantum randomness suitable for cryptographic key generation, the raw material at the very foundation of modern cryptography. Cybersecurity in the quantum computing age depends on the scalability of this essential technology – all others are scientifically dubious", says Denis Mandich of Qrypt Inc., a New York-based cybersecurity company.

With this new announcement, the Quside team is now making the technology commercially available to a larger customer base through Quside's Partner's Program, to help improve the performance and security in a wide variety of ICT applications, spanning from cloud security to Monte Carlo simulations.

The Quside FMC 400 is the company's first step towards building a wide variety of fast and high-quality quantum randomness sources. With new technologies on the horizon, such as 5G and AI, the aim is to address the current and future global cybersecurity concerns and meet the market's growing need - high-speed at the internet-scale.

About Quside: Quside builds quantum technologies for safer connectivity and more powerful computation. A spin-off of ICFO – The Institute of Photonic Sciences - in Barcelona, Spain, Quside is commercializing innovative hardware solutions for all connected devices. Quside is part of the European Quantum Flagship, collaborating in this ambitious initiative as an industry partner of the quantum communication projects CiViQ and QRANGE.

March 20, 2020

Qrypt/Quside Partnership: quantum secure protection

New York-based Qrypt, Inc., (Qrypt), and Barcelona-based Quside Technologies, S.L., (Quside) today announce their partnership to jointly deliver a quantum secure data protection solution.

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December 4, 2019

Quside at NATO Engages: opinion on future technologies

London, UK. Today several heads of state and experts of various fields gathered at the North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s Leaders’ Meeting in London. As 2019 is the year of the NATO Alliance’s 70th anniversary,...

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September 19, 2019

Launch of the Joint Lab in Quantum Processing

Barcelona, Spain. ICFO and Quside Technologies team up to create a space dedicated to developing quantum processing technologies. The goal is to use advanced quantum physics concepts and models to solve new challenging problems.

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July 2, 2019

Quside best new company of the year – AIJEC award

Barcelona, Spain. AIJEC, the association of young entrepreneurs of Catalonia, today announced Quside as the winner of the award “best new company of the year”. Choosing from more than 120 candidates,...

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December 16, 2018

Quside was awarded the NEOTEC grant from CDTI

Barcelona, Spain. Quside has been awarded the NEOTEC grant from CDTI. The NEOTEC project awards high-tech initiatives in a highly competitive call. The aim of the project is to develop fast and integrated quantum random number generators...

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November 25, 2018

35 Under 35 by MIT recognizes Carlos Abellan, CEO at Quside

Cambridge, United States. Innovators 35 Under 35 by MIT Technology Review is an annual list that recognizes 35 outstanding innovators who are younger than 35. Quside's CEO, Carlos Abellan, is one of the individuals...

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October 7, 2018

Quside is a member of European Quantum Flagship projects

Barcelona, Spain. The European Commission has selected X projects for the 1st wave of awardees of the FET Quantum Flagship initiative. Quside is a member of two awarded projects in the Quantum communication pillar: CIVIQ and QRANGE.

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